Locally sourced fresh produce from hand picked suppliers,
throughout the changing seasons

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deliciously local

The provenance of our food is of enormous importance to us and we are absolutely committed to delivering menus that are as seasonal and local as they can be.

Seasons menus always feature carefully sourced local produce from hand picked local suppliers meaning that they genuinely reflect what is available throughout the changing seasons. We are passionate about good food and have the ability to provide winning menus which always feature delicious seasonal ingredients. This extends to Roger curing his own meats and making all his own breads, pickles and jams from scratch.

We really are full of local flavour.

what's fresh?


World class Border Lamb

In a country where there are more sheep than people, the Scottish Borders can take this statistic to another level – in fact the area has 10 sheep for every person in the Borders!    With figures like these it…

Borders Originals

As you know we are passionate about celebrating the wonderful food and drink from the Scottish Borders and that our menus are always ‘full of local flavour’. So this month we thought it would be fun to take a look…

Melrose Sevens – Saturday 8th April

We hear Melrose Sevens tickets are selling fast. This year we are offering a Melrose 7's Day Package Seasons would provide a base and table for the day with unlimited tea and coffee and include, brunch/ lunch, dinner and ticket…

When does Spring officially start?

To most of us the month of March heralds the arrival of Spring but when does Spring officially start? With a name like Seasons, we thought it was the very least that we could do to get our facts straight!…

Lighten Up

Spring is the season when everything starts to lighten up; from the longer, warmer days to the clothes that we wear and certainly the food that we eat! Spring is the first season of the year and it brings with…

Go flat out on Pancake Day

If you love pancakes then this year get your pan ready for Tuesday 28th February. Of course Pancake Day has been celebrated for hundreds of years when it was more commonly known as Shrove Tuesday. Lent was traditionally a time…

Ever tried Bobotie?

Since we have just come back from our travels around South Africa we thought it would be fun to bring back a little sunshine and share our recipe for the national dish of Bobotie with you. Of the many dishes…

When is a cheese not a cheese? When its Membrillo

If you have made quince jelly people then why don’t you try your hand at making Membrillo, this is a delicious quince fruit cheese that is really popular in Spain where it is paired with their famous sheep’s milk cheese…

Christmas with the Mckie’s

The big day will be here before we know it, so we thought it would be fun to let you know what we will be having for Christmas Dinner at home with the McKie family this year. Please don’t tell…

The Self-Preservation Society

Sorry but we just couldn’t resist the Italian Job reference in our title! Since Autumn is pickling season, this article is actually all about the lovely job of making homemade pickles, chutneys and preserves. This is definitely the right time…

We love Christmas Pudding

Of course the clue is in the name but Christmas Pudding is the pudding traditionally served as part of the Christmas dinner here in Britain. The Pudding has its origins in medieval England and is sometimes referred to as ‘plum…

An apple a day

Don’t worry we aren’t talking about those ubiquitous little fruit named gadgets that most of us now use on a daily basis. Instead we are getting back to basics and talking about the sweet, crunchy and pomaceous fruit that is…