Clifton Lodge Smallholding

26th October 2019 Blogs

Clifton Lodge Smallholding

Anita and Ed live the ‘good life’ –  they have a smallholding near Kelso where they are raising pedigree Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, a rare breed pig the 50 years ago was almost extinct and even now there is less than 500 breeding sows in the UK!

This breed is docile and friendly and when they are “slow grown” they produce such great tasting pork, just like it used to be back in the day; a lovley red meat withh a decent layer of fat (which renders away!) and that beautiful skin for perfect crackling!

The pigs free range outdoors, living a healthy and happy life and doing what pigs naturally do, rooting about the soil and having a good wallow in the mud.

They also have Shetland hogget and delicous honey.  You can contact them direct  for more information and  to order for home.