Drip, drip drop little April showers

3rd April 2016 Blogs

After a long and very wet winter we are all delighted that British Summer Time has finally arrived!

The bulbs are flowering, there’s blossom on the trees and we can look forward to the longer, lighter and warmer days of Spring. In actual fact, April is officially the second month of Spring and as we allude to in our title is often characterised by changeable weather, with sudden April showers interspersed with bursts of sunshine. ‘April showers bring forth May flowers’ – this traditional rhyme illustrates the importance of rain in early spring for growing plants.

And of course the growing season heralds the arrival of delicious new produce, it’s the time of year when comfort food moves over for the lighter, fresher flavours of Spring. Seasonal favourites include watercress, spinach, broccoli and of course the first British asparagus are making a welcome appearance (albeit a short one!) Spring is a really exciting time in the kitchen and the fresh produce that is available is quite inspirational as you will see from some of the April highlights on our menus at Seasons.

What’s in Seasons this April?

Wild garlic … which we make into delicious pesto

Wild sorrel which we use as a garnish for fish

Spring Lamb Martin gets ours from Headshaw Farm on Soutra Hill

Watercress garnish for steaks and of course beautiful watercress soup

Spring onions which we mash to make Champit Mash

Crab from Ross in Eyemouth which we make into into bisque and crab cocktail with rapeseed Mayonnaise

Spring cabbage which is an absolutely delicious accompaniment to a whole range of dishes

And it’s the last month for Purple Sprouting Broccoli