Lighten Up

27th February 2017 In Season

Spring is the season when everything starts to lighten up; from the longer, warmer days to the clothes that we wear and certainly the food that we eat!
Spring blossom_600
Spring is the first season of the year and it brings with it a sense of renewal and inspiration – after a long dark winter, it is a season that can truly lift your spirits.

With the daffodils starting to make a welcome appearance in our gardens and baby lambs gambolling in our Border fields, the longer lighter and hopefully warmer days of Spring are just around the corner. And of course, the arrival of spring means that we say a seasonal goodbye to starchy winter vegetables like potatoes and parsnips and warmly welcome the appearance of lighter, greener ingredients such as spring onions, asparagus and broad beans to name just a few.

Our top ten things to get up to this Spring……………..

Get fresh
Spring is the season when we can all enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables as opposed to preserved, pickled and dried foods. Try to make the most of them when they are fresh and in season. As you know it is possible to get just about anything we want whenever we want it but this does come at a cost to the environment and our health. By eating food that is in season you are giving your body what it wants when it needs it.

Get outside
Spring is a time to get outside and hopefully enjoy the sun, so less time will be spent inside cooking. A time to put your slow cooker away and make the most of fresh spring ingredients and bring out your salad bowls and steamer.

Get your greens
Spring is the time to eat young greens and fast growing plants like salad greens, sprouting broccoli, spring cabbage, spring onions and dark leafy greens like kale and rocket. These truly are wonder foods.
Gardening in Spring_600
Get gardening
Whether you are a novice or an expert, get planting in the garden. You will be amazed at the results and nothing beats the taste or goodness of homegrown fruits, vegetables, salads and herbs.

Get herby
Healthy, tasty and easy. We can’t recommend highly enough the benefits of having a little herb garden of your own – just a few pots and a few herbs will make a sensational difference to your meals, salads and even cocktails!

Get new
Be a little adventurous and try something new in spring, there is an abundance of wonderful produce and it’s a good time to try something new or to introduce some fresh new recipes.

Get a little lighter
The great thing about those lighter springtime foods is that they can promote weight loss naturally and healthily.

Get local
Support your local shop-keepers, green grocers, fishmongers, butchers, bakers, food producers and farmers as much you possibly can this spring and beyond! Fresh locally sourced and made produce that you know where it’s come from just can’t be beaten.

Get together
After the long cold days of winter, Spring is a great time for meeting up with friends and enjoying the great outdoors, for socialising and having fun.