Local Champions

2nd May 2016 Blogs

Introducing Martin Baird Butchers from Melrose

As you know the provenance of our food is immensely important to us and we are proud to champion the finest produce from here in the Scottish Borders. With this in mind we are proud to showcase our local butchers in Melrose who we trust implicitly to source all of our meat, game and poultry.

Martin Baird comes from a family who have farmed near Kelso for generations and because of this he totally understands the conditions required to produce high quality beef, lamb and pork. He and his team of experienced butchers pride themselves in offering a comprehensive range of top quality meat products from their premises in the heart of the Scottish Borders. In fact, there has been a high class butcher operating on the site in the centre of Melrose for over 100 years and Martin is proud to continue with this proud tradition to this day.

The business also prides itself on supplying locally sourced meat products which are prepared on the premises using traditional and time honoured methods to bring to you quite simply the best the Scottish Borders has to offer.

Renowned for their commitment to local farmers, Martin and his team supply their customers with meat that is full of quality and flavour. As well as the peace of mind that comes from purchasing meat products raised in accordance with the highest standards.

Martin Baird Butchers can trace all of their meat to local sources and that is why you can always enjoy their delicious high quality produce on the menus here at Seasons.

What’s in Seasons this May?
Spring cabbage
Sublime Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce
Fresh Gooseberries in crumble with clotted cream
Gorgeous New Potatoes lovely with Border Lamb from Headshaw Farm
Chicory which we blow torch to serve with Martin’s chicken
Radish pickled with homemade pate
Samphire which we serve with our fish from the Berwickshire Coast
Elderflowers which we use to for Elderflower jelly and Pana cotta