My Food Philosophy

14th October 2018 Blogs

I love using local ingredients sourced from passionate borders folk. I believe these with absolute provenance translate into great depth of flavours making truly seasonal local food deliver on the plate.

I use Scottish sea salt, with sugar, red wine and herbs to cure roe venison to create bresaola.  Johnny Rutherford from Kelso supplies our game.

I dry cure salmon with herbs, finishing with a spray of Borders gin.

Vegetables are pickled in our own spiced cider vinegar, chutneys and jams are made in the summer and autumn with seasonal fruits and berries. I also pickle nasturtium seeds.

Alfred Bartlett’s red roosters make great chips which are cooked 3 times in rapeseed oil

Bob from Philiphaugh Estate, Selkirk supplies our fruit, grapes and vegetables.   I avoid imported produce wherever possible.

I work closely with Martin Baird to source lamb, beef and pork from farms near Melrose, we are members of the Scotch Beef Club. I also use Martin’s black pudding and cured bacon.

Ross supplies fish and shellfish from Eyemouth which are caught by day boats and delivered to us daily.

I pick wild garlic and will use elderflowers to flavour panacotta and herbs and flowers from our kitchen garden when they appear during the year. Our wild  mushrooms are foraged locally when in season.

Butter and cream for our own churned ice cream come from Brenda at Stichill Jerseys, Kelso.  Artisan Cheeses from Doddington Dairy in Wooler.

Flour and oats in our soda bread and oatcakes our milled in Scotland.    Eggs are organic free range from Oakwood Mill, Selkirk.

We use Three Hills Coffee beans which are roasted in the Borders, and tea from a family run tea supplier in Edinburgh, Shibui.

Single variety apple juice from Laprig Valley near Duns