Seasons Soda Bread

19th February 2019 Recipes

We are always asked being asked for the recipe for our Soda Bread and we are always happy to share –  but do you know the origins of this bread?

The earliest reference to using soda ash in baking bread seems to be credited to American Indians using it to leaven their bread – not the Irish as we all believe.   Pearl ash was used prior to 1800 to make flat cakes on hot rocks by combining it with an acidic ingredient in the dough.

In about 1840 Bicarbonate of soda in baking was first introduced in Ireland however it seems to be a mystery, yet to be solved, how it was introduced.  A recipe appeared in the Newry Telegraph (a Northern Ireland newspaper) for make soda bread stating that “there is no bread to be had equal to it for invigorating the body, promoting digestion, strengthening the stomach, and improving the state of the bowels”

The Irish made soda bread ‘theirs’ not by choice in the old days but by a state of poverty due to the potato famine.   This was the  easiest  and least expensive bread to put on the table.

Our soda bread has a variation to the original recipes as we add treacle and honey to the mix which results in a malty sweetness.

Seasons Soda Bread


250 gm white flour
200 gm brown flour
200 gm jumbo oats
15 gm bicarb of soda
4 gm salt
500 ml milk soured with juice of 1 lemon


Mix dry ingredients together then add milk and mix well.
Put into lined loaf tin
Cooking time 1 hr
Oven temp 180C