Supernature Rapeseed Oil

27th April 2019 Blogs

We have been using  rapeseed oil from Lynn  and Chris Mann at  Supernature, based at Carrington Barns Farm near Gorebridge for a number of years. This is a family business and run by a husband and wife team.

Supernature is produced from spring oil-seed rape, a fast growing crop that is grown sustainably  in their farm without the use of herbicides or fungicides.  Once harvested, the seed is gently cold-pressed and then hand-bottled in the old bothy at Carrington Barns Farm, which has been converted into a sterile bottling room.

The oil is packed with nutrients and has a delightful buttery taste that makes it perfect for everything from salad dressings and dips to roasting and baking.  It is a great tasting, healthy, local alternative to imported olive oil.

Roger uses the rapeseed oil in all his mayonaise and salad dressings as well as  pan frying meat and fish .  His famous triple cooked red rooster chips are also fried in the rapeseed oil which hem makes them super crisp with a delicious flavour!


Roger’s Salad Dressing

25 ml cider vinegar

1/2 teaspoon dijon mustard

pinch of salt

75  ml Supernature rapeseed oil

Whisk  all the above to combine