Whats in Seasons this June

1st June 2016 Blogs

This month fresh in at Seasons

Broad beans…I use with chicken
Surf clams … Great with a sauce and fresh pasta
Sea vegetables…samphire, purslane, beat…fantastic in a sauce with fish
Elderflower… I pick and infuse in the cream for panacotta
Gooseberries.. Will be our crumble with clotted cream this month
Raspberries… I make into jam and serve with our brulled rice pud
Fantastic range of herbs and leaves
Local borders lamb
Mackerel… I cook the fillets with a blow torch with fresh grated horseradish root from our garden, gooseberries and herbs
New season potato
Crab from Eyemouth
Halibut are really plump at the moment

Roger McKie